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Recommended Reading- Wayne's Daily Diary

I've got a problem.  I suspect many of you, dear readers, have got the same one.  I have a family, job, house and life in the UK, but my heart is in the Alps.  More specifically, it's in the great Alpine backcountry, where the snow is always deep and light, the sky blue, and the skiing untracked (well at least in my imagination). For the foreseeable future I won't be moving to the Alps, so in the meantime I have to make do with skiing as much as possible, and by living vicariously through the writings, movies and pictures of those lucky enough to live in the mountains. 

One of my top fixes, which I recommend that you visit, is Wayne's Daily Diary.  It's written by Wayne Watson, a Canadian Mountain Guide who works with Alpine Experience, a highly respected guiding company based in Val D'Isere and working thoughout the Espace Killy (Henry Schniewind of Henry's Avalanche Talk fame is a guide with the same company).  Throughout the ski season Wayne writes engaging daily updates on the off-piste conditions in the area, so you can read what he and his clients have been up to and get first hand information on the snow and weather conditions in the area. As a blog writer I admire his energy and dedication to do this every day. However, the jewel in the crown is that the blog is linked to his photo-diary, which contains wonderful pictures of off-piste skiing, enough to brighten up any grey day in the office. If you've got a spare five minutes during your next coffee break, check it out and feed your habit.

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