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Voluntary precautionary recall of Float Airbag trigger handles

We have been informed that BCA have put out a voluntary precautionary recall of Float trigger handles.  


BCA say the following:


"We are conducting a trigger upgrade on all Float packs sold into the marketplace during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons....... We have found on a very few number of packs that the E-clip, which holds the cable assembly together, can accidentally become dislodged while connecting or disconnecting the compressed air cylinder. If this happens, the pack may not deploy properly. While the probability of this occurring is extremely low, we believe it is best to replace the entire assembly."

The UK BCA distributors, Anatom (Helpline: +44(0)800 0323 505; email: [email protected]), will supply a new trigger cable for Float owners.  We will contact our Float customers with details of how to obtain a new trigger from them within the next few weeks. If you want to check whether your trigger handle should be replaced, and how to do so, please watch the video below.


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