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5 of the greatest YouTube channels for skiers

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YouTube is full of ski videos, ranging from holiday POV footage to high quality professional mountain cinematography.  There's so much to choose from it's really tough to produce a top five, but this is my personal favourite list. Feel free to leave a comment below if you think there's another channel that should make this list.

1. Salomon TV

There are many equipment suppliers who produce their own video content, but the are few who do this with the high production values of Salomon TV.  Salomon's product range covers the whole spectrum of mountain sports, and their YouTube channel reflects this- as well as ski content, there are also loads of films of trail running, hiking, climbing etc. Although there are the usual product-focused videos that are common to most large brands, what sets Salomon TV apart are the "feature" films that are 20-30 minutes long. These tend to focus on the personal journey of a mountain athlete, or an adventure to a cool location (like the central Greenland plateau glacier). The quality of these films is reflected in the many awards that they have won.  I especially love the "dream trip" features, where a Salomon customer wins a dream trip of a lifetime to hang with their professional mountain athlete hero. A particular Gravity Protection favourite is Cody Townsend's "Fifty" series - check it out here:

2. Powder Magazine

Powder Magazine is one of the most well-known and respected publications in the skiing world, and their YouTube channel features some of the best ski footage around. From awe-inspiring backcountry runs to in-depth looks at the latest gear and trends, this channel has something for every skier. Here's a sample featuring some sumptuous powder:

3. Matchstick Productions

If you're a fan of high-octane ski movies, then you need to check out Matchstick Productions. Their channel features a number of full-length films, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the athletes and filmmakers. Go shred!

4. Warren Miller Entertainment

Surely the GOAT!  Warren Miller Entertainment has been making ski films for over 70 years, and their YouTube channel is a treasure trove of classic and contemporary footage. From early films featuring the likes of Stein Eriksen and Jean-Claude Killy, to more recent productions showcasing the best skiers and snowboarders in the world, this channel has something for every ski fan.

5. Teton Gravity Research

Teton Gravity Research is another top-tier ski film production company, and their YouTube channel is a great place to find the latest and greatest ski footage. From big mountain lines and deep powder runs, to urban jibbing and park sessions, this channel has it all.  Check out this video for a taster:

Watching these channels always whets our appetite for getting into the mountains - Go Shred!!


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