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BCA Tracker 3 Rescue Set

BCA Tracker 3 Rescue Set£344.95   £339.95

BCA's newest transceiver with B1 Ext shovel and Stealth 240 probe.

Arva AXIO Avalanche Transceiver

Arva AXIO Avalanche Transceiver£309.95

Top end transceiver, packed with technology.

Ortovox 3+ Transceiver Rescue Set

Ortovox 3+ Transceiver Rescue Set£300.00

Massive saving on RRP of the individual items with this Ortovox S3+ bundle.  

Contains Ortovox 3+ Tranceiver, Beast shovel and the Alu 240cm light probe


BCA Tracker 2 Rescue Package

BCA Tracker 2 Rescue Package£294.95   £289.95

Save £££ on the RRP with our Tracker 2 essentials package. Contains Tracker 2 beacon, Stealth 240cm probe and B1 extendable shovel. Superb value!

Ortovox S1+ Avalanche Transceiver

Ortovox S1+ Avalanche Transceiver£340.00   £279.95

Ortovox's top of the range avalanche transceiver.  Highly sophisticated, with innovative display and cutting-edge antenna technology.


Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Transceiver

Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Transceiver£250.00

Latest Model with built in RECCO Reflector.  Orotvox's middle of the range transceiver with smart antenna technology to optimise signal reception and an intuitive display.

Arva NEO2 Avalanche Transceiver

Arva NEO2 Avalanche Transceiver£244.95

Largest search bandwidth available on the market.

BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Transceiver

BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Transceiver£249.95   £239.95

BCA's newest transceiver, 20% smaller and lighter than the Tracker 2.

Arva EVO4 Avalanche Transceiver

Arva EVO4 Avalanche Transceiver£184.95

3 Antenna digital transceiver with marking function.

BCA Tracker 2 Avalanche Transceiver

BCA Tracker 2 Avalanche Transceiver£199.95   £179.95

BCA's classic transceiver. Top end features in a robust and simple format.

Ortovox ZOOM+ Avalanche Transceiver

Ortovox ZOOM+ Avalanche Transceiver£180.00   £164.95

Latest model with built in RECCO Reflector: easy to use, but full of sophisticated technology inside the box.

Ortovox Zoom+ Rescue Set

Ortovox Zoom+ Rescue Set

Save on RRP of the individual items with this quality Ortovox bundle!
Includes the Ortovox Zoom Transceiver, the Badger Shovel and Alu 240cm Economic Probe.  Ideal for seasonnaires on a budget.
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