Skiing in Scotland continues

Saturday, 12 May 2012  |  Evan

It may have been raining over much of the UK but at Cairngorm, the UK's biggest ski resort, there has been fresh snow coming down and once again people are out skiing.

15cm - 20cm fell at the top of the resort on Thursday and it continued into Friday.

In the morning there was 10cm in the car park. In total around 30cm has fallen this week.

By Saturday morning the storm had eased off and it is now bright and sunny.

There are no ski resorts open in France and only one in Italy. There are only around 30 ski resorts open across the world as the winter in the northern hemisphere has ended, while the season in the south hasn't yet started.

One of those resorts is Cairngorm in Scotland.

"The hills are looking the whitest they have since about late November as far as I recall – snowline seems to creeping lower every morning," said the ski journalist, Patrick Thorne, who lives near Inverness.

Who would have thought it?

"It has been snowing all day with drifting above 850m. Still great snowsports to be had in the top bowls and lower down the mountain," said a statement from Cairngorm resort on Thursday.

Somewhat unusually for the time of year there is danger from avalanches in places. The Head Wall still has an avalanche warning in place, and avalanches have occurred during the week in the area.

The resort has posted the photo below on its web site with the following warning: "This is why Coronation Wall and Head Wall are out of bounds and passes are being pulled."