POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet

POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet
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The award winning Fornix Backcountry MIPS is a lightweight, aramid reinforced, well ventilated helmet, equipped with the patented MIPS system to reduce the rotational forces to the brain in the case of an oblique impact.

Read this blog to learn more about the benefits of the MIPS system.


The light, aramid reinforced and well ventilated Fornix, upgraded with MIPS system for increased protection, much needed in the backcountry due to exposure to rocks, trees and other objects.

The ventilation system is highly efficient, with front and rear vents,adjustable vents on top and goggle vents to prevent goggles from fogging.

The turn-ring size adjustment system provides a snug and comfortable fit.

Note: Black, White, Pink and Krypton Blue helmets are a Gloss finish.  All other colours are a Matt finish.



  • In mold helmet with EPS liner
  • Internal MIPS system
  • Aramid bridge reinforcements for structural stability and dispersion of impact energy
  • Goggle vents evacuate steam from your goggles
  • Fixed goggle clip
  • Size adjustment system for a comfortable and safe fit


Certified EN 1077-B, ASTM 2040
Weight: 450g



MIPS Developed in cooperation with Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institute, Sweden.  

The new MIPS technology mimics one of the safety systems which already exist in the human head. 

When the head is subjected to an oblique impact, the brain can slide along a membrane on the inner 

surface of the skull, which reduces the forces transmitted to the brain. This protective feature has, 

with the MIPS technology, been incorporated into the helmet. In a helmet equipped with MIPS technology,

the shell and the liner are separated by a low friction layer. When subjected to an oblique impact, the 

low friction layer allows a small rotation of the shell relative to the liner. Experimental tests shows

a significant reduction of the forces to the brain. 

Accident statistics show that the most common accident occurs in an oblique impact to the head,

resulting in a rotation of the head andbrain.

The brain is more sensitive to oblique impacts than radial impacts. However, according to the helmet test 

regulations, the helmets are dropped vertically onto the impact surface, resulting in a radial force to the

head. This is why helmets today have good protective properties for vertical impacts while the protection

is not optimized for oblique impacts. MIPS AB has therefore developed MIPS technology to provide 

substantially increased protection  against oblique impacts.


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