Ortovox Rock'N'Wool Men's Thermal Long Pants

Ortovox Rock'N'Wool Men's Thermal Long Pants
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Colourful mid-weight Merino wool thermal pants.  Sustainably farmed, ethically produced.


Winter's going to be colourful! Freeriding starts with the first layer of clothing, since this is what determines whether the overall clothing system will work as expected. Ortovox trust merino wool in every layer. This natural fiber is great in every season of the year, but it is simply fantastic for winter sports when body temperature fluctuates between heavy perspiration during periods of activity and rapid cooling when at rest. Merino wool has the unique ability to absorb large volumes of moisture yet not feel wet. It transports moisture into the fiber core and then slowly releases it. At the same time, it helps regulate temperature and prevents unpleasant odors.

Ortovox use 100% MERINO WOOL for the ROCK‘N‘WOOL collection. These products have a material weight of 185 g/m², making them highly versatile from the beginning of winter to the end, even when temperatures take a dip. From short sleeves to long sleeves and from boxers to short pants, this collection is characterized largely by colorful designs, fun features, loose cuts, and - of course - the highly functional merino fiber.

THE NATURAL PARADISE OF TASMANIA Incidentally, 100% of the merino wool from this collection comes from the Australian island of Tasmania. The wool from is high-quality, thin (18 microns), and tear-resistant. But just as important for ORTOVOX, the material is ethically and ecologically sound. They have very high expectations for the farmers; large portion of their working time is committed to ensuring sustainable farm management and animal welfare.

100 % MERINO WOOL (185 g/m²) from Tasmania

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