POC Fovea Replacement Lens

POC Fovea Replacement Lens
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This is a replacement lens for the POC Fovea Goggle.

The double lens is made of optical grade PC for the outer lens and cellulose propionate for the inner lens. Anti-fog and anti-scratch treated.

VLT - Visible Light Transmission

VLT is a measurement that specifies the percentage of light coming through the lens, reaching your eyes.  A clear lens for dark conditions has around 90% VLT whilst a dark mirrored lens, for sunny conditions, may have lower than 10% VLT.  Most all round lenses have between 30-60% VLT.

  • Black/No Mirror: VLT 6%, Category S4
  • Bronze/Yellow Mirror: VLT 11%, Category S3
  • Bronze/Silver Mirror: VLT 12%, Category S3
  • Grey/Purple Mirror: VLT 33%, Category S2
  • Pink/Gold: VLT 31%, Category S2
  • Persimmon/Red Mirror: VLT 35%, Category S2
  • Orange/No Mirror: VLT 45%, Category S1
  • Yellow/No Mirror: VLT63%, Category S1

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