POC Cornea

POC Cornea
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The Cornea goggles offer a huge field of view and the soft PU frame with goggle strap outriggers and triple-layer foam fit comfortably on any face. Placing the lens on the outside of the wide frame provides the field of view needed to improve reaction times. The lens has been injected to a cylindrical shape for superb optical qualities and minimal distortion. To avoid steaming the inner lens is made of anti-fog treated CP.

  • Optical grade Polycarbonate (PC) outer lens.
  • Cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog treated.
  • Outriggers for comfortable fit and helmet compatibility.
  • Triple-layer face foam.
  • Silicone grip on the inside of the strap.
SIZES: One size
POC NXT lenses are equipped with a colour boosting filter called High Chromatic Definition (HCD). HCD has an extreme contrast enhancing effect and takes goggle clarity to a new level. To avoid steaming the inner lens is made of anti-fog treated CP. NXT lenses are also equipped with a Photochromatic filter, enabling the lens to change tint colour depending on lighting conditions.The lens is partially polarised alowing it to remove excess glare.

VLT - Visible Light Transmission

VLT is a measurement that specifies the percentage of light coming through the lens, reaching your eyes.  A clear lens for dark conditions has around 90% VLT whilst a dark mirrored lens, for sunny conditions, may have lower than 10% VLT.  Most all round lenses have between 30-60% VLT.

  • Black/No Mirror: VLT 6%, Category S4
  • Bronze/Yellow Mirror: VLT 11%, Category S3
  • Bronze/Silver Mirror: VLT 12%, Category S3
  • Grey/Purple Mirror: VLT 33%, Category S2
  • Pink/Gold Mirror: VLT 31%, Category S2
  • Persimmon/Red Mirror: VLT 35%, Category S2
  • Yellow/No mirror: VLT63%, Category S1


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