POC Retina Big Replacement Lens 2016

POC Retina Big Replacement Lens 2016
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The POC Retina Big lens is Injection moulded to a spherical shape and cut to shape by computerised machining.

This replacement double lens is made of optical grade PC/CP and has the best anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment available to promote vision and resistance. Suitable for all Retina Big goggles the do not have a "+" symbol on the frame.


Black (No mirror),  VLT 7%, Category S4

Persimmon / Red Mirror VLT 41%, Category S2

Bronze / Silver Mirror VLT 32%, Category S2

Bronze / Blue Mirror VLT 33, Category S2

Pink / Gold Mirror VLT 31%, Category S2

Sonar Orange (No Mirror) VLT 41%, Category S2

Yellow (No Mirror) VLT 71,5%, Category S1

Photochromatic Silver Mirror VLT 10-50%m Category S3-S2


As from Wheels 16 and Snow 16/17, all POC Goggles and lenses will be 1.8 mm thick, for most models this means enhanced durability and a more robust lens attachment. For all versions of below goggles and lenses this also means an update of the lens attachment  

Retina Big
(including all versions - flow, pocito, comp, X, NXT, 3P, stripes)

For these models, old frames and lenses are incompatible with new frames and lenses. All new lenses will have a + sign to ensure there is no confusion about whether you have an old or new version.


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