POMOCA Climb Pro Glide TIPON - ready2climb Skins

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In our opinion Swiss-made Pomoca skins are the best out there- it's no coincidence that Pomoca is the brand of choice for 90% of competitive race ski tourers. We have chosen this particular skin as it combines ease of use and durability, while absolutely hitting the sweet spot between grip and glide. These skins would be perfect for the keen amateur or professional ski tourer.

If you need help choosing the correct size for your skis, go to the Pomoca website, where an on-line tool will tell you what size you need for your particular ski.

Perfectly suited to the needs of experienced ski tourers in search of authenticity and comfort, this 100 % natural skin is ideal for multi-day ski touring.   

Preparing a self-adhesive skin for skis can take a long time and requires specific knowledge. POMOCA has transformed the old, time consuming process of trimming skins into the new universal, light, and easy-to-apply Tipon ready2climb set. The new Tipon ready2climb set can be cut to a specific ski in just two minutes without any special tools. The new adjustable loop can be fixed to any type of ski. 


 the new membrane technology by POMOCA.

Mohair 70 % / Nylon 30 %

Designed for experienced ski tourers and amateur competitors, the Climb Pro Glide TIPON mixed structure skin is ideal for multi-day expeditions, offering extra performance and gliding qualities.

Innovative performance and technical excellence make TIPON a revolutionary membrane technology. Climbing skins with TIPON come to be more compact and easy to use due to novel characteristics that push the boundaries of existing gluing and membrane technologies. From 100% waterproofness to UV and extreme temperatures resistance, TIPON takes a step forward in offering safety and comfort it the same time.

Ready2Climb System


Pomoca ready2climb skin sizing

What does ready2climb mean?

• The tail connection (BACK FIX) is already sewn and has an adjustable length of up to 11 cm.

• The tip connection (Click Lock) is already stitched and can be adjusted to all ski tips’ widths.

• There are five sizes ( XS, S, M, L, XL) covering any ski length, from 145cm to 196cm.

• To be sure what skin length fits to what ski length , POMOCA has made a list of skis with the matching skin size . This list can be found on the POMOCA homepage.

You only need to :

• Select the appropriate size for your ski on POMOCA’s website.

• Place the skin on your ski and trim the edges with the POMOCA precise "edge-free" cutter

• You’re done!

Please note that the skins cannot be returned after they have been cut or applied to skis.

POMOCA technology is based on a deep understanding of snow, enhanced by research and development. Textile engineers and chemists work hand-in-hand with mountains guides and athletes. Together they modify the surface properties and thus push the effectiveness of climbing skins to unimaginable heights.

Safety through waterproofness.

With the development of the exclusive POMOCA Safer Skin technology, a new ski skin generation is born. All POMOCA self-adhesive skins benefit from this special treatment. Composed of an added 100 % waterproof membrane positioned between the weaving and the glue, Safer Skin offers ultimate safety due to the stability of the glue, optimum gluing of the skin and an easy folding from its exceptional stability.

Antiglopping treatment.

Due to its exclusive antiglopping properties, Ever Dry for many years has been the favourite choice of long distance ski tourers. The treatment of the whole fibre length 
guarantees a life-Iong protection, with no need to apply spray. All POMOCA skins feature Ever Dry.

Added gliding performance.
The innovative Glide process offers enhanced performance to POMOCA skins. With less effort, ski tourers achieve exceptional gliding performance. Treatment of the whole 
fibre length for a life-lonq protection of the ski skins. Only available on some models.

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