Ortovox S1+ Avalanche Transceiver

Ortovox S1+ Avalanche Transceiver
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Weight:  230 g
Antenna:  3
Range:  55 m

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Ortovox's top of the range avalanche transceiver.  This is a high quality piece of kit incorporating cutting-edge technology.  Flip open to switch from transmit to receive mode, then follow the instructions on the intuitive display and listen to the audible signal to find the buried victim quickly.  The Smart antenna processing optimises the signal being received.  Automatically switches back to transmit mode if it senses that the user has been buried by a secondary avalanche. 5 year warranty.

The S1+: Better for you, better for your companions.

Despite its highly sophisticated state of the art features, this is a very simple transceiver to use. We therefore recommend it to keen recreationists, as well as to professionals.

At the start of your day, flip it open and switch it on.  It will then run through a self-test that checks transmit and receive functions, as well as battery strength.  Once this is completed, flip it shut and it will automatically switch to transmit mode. Tuck it into the supplied holster and you're set!

If you are buried the SMART-ANTENNA TECHNOLOGY contained within the device will analyse the position of its three antennae and automatically switch to optimal transmission. This addresses a known problem of poor signal transmission that can occur in situations where a transceiver is buried in a vertical orientation.  It means that you will always be sending out the strongest signal, enabling you to be found faster.

If you need to do a search, flip the S1+ open and it will automatically enter receive mode.  Then the highly intuitive illuminated screen will guide you through the search procedure, first instructing you to do a coarse search.  Once you are within 50m of the victim, an arrow and cross-hair point you in the correct direction.

Within 3m of the victim, the display changes to a circle that contracts as you get closer to the signal.   This visual cue really helps to pinpoint the victim quickly. At this stage distance to the victim is displayed in 10cm units, allowing highly accurate location.  An accompanying beeping sound also gives an intuitive audible indicator of proximity.

The S1+ excels in the situation of multiple burials, as located victims can be flagged, so that their signal is ignored.  This allows the transceiver to focus on the signal from the next victim being sought.

Additional safety features include a "switchover mode", so that in the event of a searcher being buried by a secondary avalanche the transceiver will automatically change to transmit mode. The unit also incorporates an inclinometer.

The S1+ is also very energy efficient- two AAA batteries are sufficient for 250 hours in transmission mode. 

For maximum protection, the S1+ is equipped with a Recco reflector. The backup technology is used by more than 700 ski areas and rescue teams around the world.

Make sure to check out our information on avalanche transceiver searching for general advice on efficient location of buried avalanche victims.


Safety functions
Receive function digital (sensor-controlled)
No. of antennas 3
Microprocessor control
Patented Smart-Antenna Technology™
Maximum range / search strip width 55m / 50m
Display illuminated 360° real-time display, indication of distance, directional arrow, bearing line and relative position of the victims, patented circular illustration and intuitive tendency indicator
Multiple victim indicator 4 victims
Professional mode for multiple burials (4+)
Reliable signal analysis
Flagging function 4 and more
Intuitive search acoustics
Automatic switchover in case of a secondary avalanche (movement sensor) 60/120 sec. (incl. acoustic warning 10 seconds before switching over)
High quality rubber coating grip zones, soft touch
Comfort functions
Comfortable bag with elastic strap for device
Transmission capacity approx. 250 h
Dimensions 120 x 80 x 30 mm
Weight (incl. battery and case) approx. 230 g
Environmentally friendly power consumption optimization
2 AAA Alkaline batteries Micro 1,5 V LR03
Electronic monitoring and update-compatible
Warranty 5 years
Recco reflector inside
Precise self-test, partner / group test
Permanent transmitter monitoring in transmission mode
Parallel search in case of several victims
Deep burial special mode
Sensor-controlled, automatic screen illumination
Device customization
Individual configuration of loudspeaker
Display contrast setting

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