Arva NEO2 Avalanche Transceiver

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3 antenna digital transceiver with largest search bandwidth available on the market.

Intuitiveness and performance are the keywords that help to define the NEO. With a market-leading search bandwidth of 60m, and an improved performance in reliability and speed, the NEO is the most powerful device on the market. The simple yet informative interface matches both the demanding needs of the most advanced users, who will be impressed by its incredible range, as well as beginners, who will appreciate the user friendliness of the beacon.

ISOTECH function: Modern beacons have three receiving antennas, two of them are used simultaneously to catch a signal in the primary search. Most of the time the 2nd antenna’s performance is less than the primary one. This affects the search bandwidth distance which is calculated on the worst reception scenario. The NEO is the first beacon to have performance equal on both antennas and consequently it is the first beacon to consistently and confidently achieve a 60m search bandwidth.


  • Transceiver: 457 kHz, international frequency.
  • 100% digital, 3 antennae.
  • User friendly.
  • Marking function for multiple victims - once a victim is found, the mark function allows you to ignore their signal to focus on searching for other victims. The «marked» victim’s signal is no longer indicated during the rest of the search. However, you have the option at any moment of removing the mark and to once again pick up the victim’s signal.
  • Multiple victims icon 1, 2, 3, 4 and +.
  • Group check - this function allows you to easily verify if every member of your group has their beacon in transmit mode.
  • Automatic switch back to transmit mode with timer- during a search, in the event of a secondary avalanche, the return to transmit function allows the device to automatically switch back to transmit mode. This switch is activated either by timer after a certain period of time of user inactivity, or by motion detector after a certain amount of time where the device has not moved.
  • Dynamic interference management- cuts down on interference from other electronic devices, such as mobile phones.
  • Bright screen technology.
  • Battery life 250 Hrs.
  • Power supply: 3 AAA/ LR03 alkaline batteries.
  • Frequency test- In group-check mode, the beacon equipped with a frequency check function will indicate if the other devices are transmitting properly at the international standard frequency of 457 kHz. All beacons on the market use this frequency but may deviate over time with use. If the frequency of the transmitting device deviates more than +/- 80 Hz, the beacon in group-check mode will indicate an error.
  • Weight 230g.
  • Dimensions: 120 x 73 x 20 mm.

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